Why You Should Perform a Health Check Before Anal Sex

Anal chains are among the sex toys that promise unique emotional development. An anal chain consists of nothing but balls that are connected to each other. They are similar to the well-known Rin-no-tama, which are actually introduced vaginally and should strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. However, anal chains are longer than Rin-no-tama. It can surprise you that butt plugs and constipation is also interred related.

Depending on the model, the balls of an anal chain have the same size, or even larger balls. Anchor chains are designed so that the connected balls can be successively inserted into the anal anus. The tradition of love balls connected together in a chain has been known for several centuries.

What to consider when buying an anal chain

Anal chains can be made of different materials. It is particularly pleasant when silicone was used for the preparation.  is easy to clean and disinfect. It is therefore very important to pay attention to the hygienic possibilities when buying. If the balls of an anal chain are connected to a fabric band, it could be difficult to clean, as it may not be easy to wash any remains of stool out of them. Anal chain are offered in different lengths in the trade. One should therefore pay attention to the following quality features when buying an anal chain:

  • Pleasant material
  • Perfect workmanship, no sharp edges
  • Easy to clean and disinfect
  • The size of the balls should be appropriate

The tail of the anal chain should be designed so large that it cannot disappear by itself in the rectum

How and when are analgesics used?

Anal chains are equally used by lovers of both sexes. For many it means indescribable sexual stimulation when one pearl after another is inserted and pulled out anally. You should take your time with this type of sexual stimulation because, depending on the model and design, the sphincter muscle should slowly expand by the insertion of the balls. This experience is particularly noticeable in the analgesics, which consist of ever-larger balls. Anal chain can, if necessary, with a little slip cream, lubricant or oil, be made lubricious. This makes it easier to introduce anal and pain can be prevented. After use, the anal chain should be cleaned directly, so that any dirt cannot dry.

Which usage variants are there?

Anal chains can be used alone, but better still for two. Some people like it when only one ball of the anal chain is inserted into the anus, while others, when very slowly, pass one ball after another through the sphincter until the entire anal chain is inserted. Many users reach a sexual climax when it is then, very slowly, ball by ball, pulled out of the rectum again. The sensation of pulling out is particularly intense when performed during the sexual climax. An anal chain is ideally suited to prepare the love partner for anal intercourse variants.

This preparation and sphincter stretching can be done slowly and carefully. The use of an anal chain not only serves to stretch the sphincter, but also to relax. Anal sex is only possible with many lovers when body and mind are totally relaxed. Those who are cramped will also automatically contract the sphincter and the anal penetration may be uncomfortable, in some cases even impossible.

Different model variants

Anal chains are available through the specialist retailers in the field of sex toys. There are a variety of model variants available. Anal chain can differ in color and form very much. They are available in silver, black, and all kinds of other color options.

Anal chain can additionally be provided with a vibration mechanism. Fans of the anal beads, which are connected to a chain, are usually not content with a model variant, but create themselves over time a whole repertoire. When buying an anal chain, the appropriate cleaning agent should always be bought immediately. The balls of an anal chain can be shaped differently. Most are round, like small balls, others are elliptical or oval.

Available in 4 sizes is the anal plug, which features a rotating inner ball. The plugs are odorless and the outer shell is made of silky smooth silicone. The black plug is – depending on the size – ideal for anal beginners to professionals. Surprising and interesting is his inner life. A metal ball rotates and is also noticeable while wearing, as soon as you move. This provides interesting stimulation.

Due to the slim base, even the largest butt plug “sits” well and it can stay in the body for a longer time, without it interfering. The foot is slightly oval shaped. So he sits comfortably without disturbing. And do not worry; the foot is so big that the plug cannot completely disappear in the butt. Incidentally, the foot is designed as a squeegee, so you can “anchor” the plug on a smooth surface such as the bottom of the bathtub to play with it on the spot. Due to the side-mounted, small, super-soft handle, it can be easily removed from the ground again.

The base of the plug is flexible but not wobbly. As a result, the plug adapts to the body, yet can be easily inserted and easily removed. The plugs are flexible, odorless; they have no pores and feel pleasantly soft.

The medical silicone is hypoallergenic and easy to clean.

An anal chain is perfect for you if you do not have any experience with anal stimulation but would like to try it out. There are also anal chains for the seasoned, as there are many different sizes of ankle chains – both in the length and size of the balls – and different numbers of balls and different materials. Check out our guide: Choose the right anal chain if you are not sure which anal chain is right for you. If you already have experience with anal stimulation, it may be a good idea to try it out when you are alone, then you will not have pressure from your partner and you will be able to set your own pace.

So do it

Start by lubricating the anal chain with a good anal lubricant and around the anus as well. Use one hand to spread your buttocks and the other to insert the anal chain.


It is not certain that you can insert all the balls the first time, but it’s okay. The most important thing is that it feels comfortable to you. The more often you use the analgesic, the more you get in. If you want to push the chain out and in or just have it in while masturbating or having sex – when you’re with your partner – it’s all a matter of taste. You have to try out what you want, which is exciting for you.

Tips on How to Enjoy Anal Sex with Your Partner

You want something fancy but don’t know how to introduce idea of anal play to your partner? Anal sex provides both women and men equally stimulating feelings and provides in most cases for even more intense orgasms. The region around the anus has many nerve endings, which can cause intense stimulation when touched. You do not know if you like it yet? Then find out.


The first time anal sex

Anyone can enjoy anal sex either as an active or passive partner, or both, regardless of sex. This applies to heterosexual as well as lesbian and gay couples. The most important thing in anal sex is to take your time. This is especially true when it is the first time. Talk to your partner beforehand about the topic and what your ideas look like. Is the anal sex for you both in question? Maybe one of you already has some experience? The entire is better! Speak in plain language and thus create all the uncertainties in the world.

In no case do you withhold your concerns and fears. A relaxed approach to the matter makes the anal sex at the end a lot more relaxed. There is hardly a sexual practice that is as charged as anal intercourse in the beginning it therefore makes sense to deal with the few myths that exist around the subject. The most common and untruths we have put together in the following and compared with the reality.

Myths about anal sex: We have to talk!

There are so many prejudices, rumors and half-truths about anal sex and you’ve probably heard one or the other “horror story” – from unpleasant odors to medical emergencies. We clean up with nonsensical myths about anal intercourse and explain how it really is.

  1. Anal sex hurts

Truth: Anal sex only hurts if you take it ruthlessly and unprepared. If you’re in the right mood, relaxed, with a finger or an anal toy carefully pretends and uses enough lubricant, it will not hurt, but good. Attention: Spit is not a lubricant!

  1. Anal sex is dirty

In the rectum, feces are only just before the stool. If you do not feel like you need to go to the bathroom, anal sex is hygienically safe. A shower before anal intercourse is advisable and who really wants to go safe, can make a colon cleansing with an anal shower. But it can always happen that despite cleaning feces during anal sex is here. If you notice that, take the time to cleanse yourself again or go on another sex practice this time. Important: Intestinal bacteria can cause vaginal infections. Please never switch from anal intercourse directly to vaginal intercourse!

  1. Condoms are not necessary

Truth: Contraceptive use is important! Although the risk of unwanted pregnancies during anal intercourse is much lower, the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease such as HIV is even greater due to the faster development of micro-cracks.

  1. The anus is crying out

Truth: The sphincter is a very strong muscle of our body. Although he gets used to regular anal intercourse more easily to the pressure, the strain and can relax faster, “leach” and his function he will not lose – except injuries. Incidentally, this also applies to the vagina.

  1. Anal sex is only for gays

One of the great advantages of having anal sex is that people of any gender and orientation can enjoy it, not just gays. Of hetero-men anal sex is still often associated with the fact that the man takes over the role of the woman who is otherwise penetrated anal or just the role of a gay man. As a result, men are also at risk of being labeled gay or feminine and no longer considered a “real man”. But gays were not born with special nerves designed for anal play.

Each man has the same nerve tracts on the anus and a prostate, which can be stimulated by anal penetration. There are many heterosexual men who have discovered the pleasure of anal stimulation, and there are many gay men who have tried it and decided that it is not for them. It’s a matter of taste and not a question of gender and sexual orientation that should keep someone from enjoying anal sex.

  1. Women do not like anal sex

Social norms and expectations are constantly changing and developing. Sexual stigma and what we perceive as an acceptable and healthy part of our intimacy are things that can fortunately be rewritten. The assumption is that women do not like anal sex and only do it because men like it from them and they want to fulfill this “fantasy”. What is problematic about this view? This sexual fabric sees men in the dominant role forcing women into activities in the bedroom. The idea that women do not enjoy anal sex discourages and denies them sexual ability to act as well as sexual desires such as anal sex. Of course, this can also be perceived by women as stimulating and sexy and has nothing to do with the above-mentioned submission.

Fortunately, the actual picture of what people do in their bedroom differs from this general narrative. It may not be talked about so openly in society, but anal sex is part of a common sex practice that both partners enjoy. No one has to feel compelled to do so. If you feel like it, do it – if not, then not. Anal sex may also be an alternative to vaginal sex, which may not be possible and unpleasant during the period or during a fungal infection. Whether she or he finds anal sex good, each person has to find out for themselves.

  1. There is an anal orgasms

There is no pure anal orgasm. But since the anus and sexual organs are close together, you can almost get a second hand orgasm by stimulating the sensitive nerve endings on the anus and the genitals at the same time. Many perceive this stimulation as an anal orgasm. Every human being has numerous nerve endings on the anus that can be stimulated by touch, which many people find tingling and, together with masturbation or vaginal penetration, intensifies orgasm. In addition, there are gender-specific features that influence an “anal orgasm”.

  1. Anal orgasm in men:

The prostate is the size of a chestnut and lies inside the anus on the intestinal wall behind the penis and testicles. It is a gland that secretes a secretion that mixes with the sperm during ejaculation to make it more flexible. The small bump can also trigger intense feelings in men. Five to seven inches in the anus can feel a round bead. With the fingertip you can massage them – with light pressure and circular movements. The best way to do this is the middle finger, as it can penetrate the deepest into the anus. If penis and glands are additionally stimulated, an “anal orgasm” is quite realistic. Feeling orgasm with anal penetration is often described by men as more intense and different. More information about the prostate massage can be found here.

The anal orgasm in the woman:  women do not have a prostate, so this cannot be stimulated in anal sex. But you have the clitoris. This not only includes the externally visible clitoris, but also the internal tickle thigh and the vaginal opening, which have many nerve endings. There are also muscles in the anus associated with this area. Thus, stimulation can be transmitted to the whole region by anal stimulation, i.e. the clitoris is indirectly stimulated. If you indulge additionally clitoris or the vagina, the “anal orgasm” is even easier for them.

How to Properly Clean and Store Your Butt Plugs

Anal plug (born. Butt plug), also known as butt plug, is a specific form of sex toy that is inserted into the anus. In their design, they look like a cone on the leg, i.e. wide at the base, and narrow at the end. The main objective of such a toy is to stimulate nerve endings that are deep in the anus.


Using the anal plug is an excellent prelude before anal sex, and you can also enjoy it during masturbation. With the help of her, both men and women will be able to experience the pleasure of having sex, like an explosion of dynamite. In addition to all this, men can use them to massage the prostate.

How to use the anal plug

Remember the golden rule in anal sex – the use of a lubricant. Additional lubricant will create a better slip, which will facilitate the introduction of the plug into the anus. So can you boil a silicone butt plug? The answers are there now.

Choose a comfortable position for yourself:

  • Standing on all fours (Doggy Style)
  • Posture, lying on his back, legs apart and a small pillow under his back
  • Pose, squatting

In order to comply with basic hygiene standards, you should always put a condom on the cork before inserting it into the anus. And before each use, you must ensure that the sex toys are clean.

It must be introduced slowly, trying to use the minimum force. If the first time does not work, then you need to relax or do some breathing exercises and try to introduce the plug again.

When it is inserted a few centimeters inwards, relax the muscles (sphincter) and let it slip out of the anus itself. Repeat this several times, constantly inserting the cork deeper and deeper so that the body is accustomed to a foreign body.

Quite popular are becoming vibrating butt plugs, the vibration of which can be adjusted using the remote. This plug must be inserted slowly and with a slight vibration.

Also, in addition to anal vibrio plugs, there are also inflatable plugs made of elastic latex, which are gradually becoming popular among connoisseurs of experiments in sex. They must first be introduced into the anus in an unsettled state (these plugs are 3-4 cm in diameter), and then inflated with a hand pump (the diameter can double in the inflated state).

How to choose a butt plug

With regard to the choice of sex toys, then there may be some problems if a person is new to this area, since their range is huge. But in any case, there are three most important points that you need to pay attention to when buying:

  • The size
  • The form
  • Material

Their sizes are very different, for example, they can be from 2-5 cm in diameter. Beginners are advised not to experiment with the size – for the first time it is advisable to choose a plug, the diameter of which is similar to the thickness of one to two fingers.

The choice of form depends on the purpose of its use, for example, if a man wants to massage the prostate with it, then it will be necessary to choose a special curved plug for this.

Mostly, sex toys are made from silicone, rubber, metal, or even wood. As a rule, each material has both advantages and disadvantages. Despite the variety of sex toys, anal plugs made of soft material are more popular than solid ones, since the risk of injury is reduced to a minimum.

Butt plug: reviews, types, features of use and effectiveness

The range of sex toys usually causes awkwardness and is practically not discussed. Potential buyers have to rely on advertising and fragmentary information. However, even such a delicate sphere of human life as sex requires awareness. This allows you to avoid unnecessary risk and reveal your sensual potential. One of the most popular toys of a sexual nature is butt plug. User feedback on this particular subject is different, but mostly benevolent. Let us consider the question in more detail, because even in a very delicate area of ??life, truthful and objective information is needed.

Modern shops for adults are distinguished by the fact that they are ready to offer all those who seek to diversify their sex life, those toys that will definitely do this by realizing their wishes and ideas. For example, such a toy, as anal plugs, is very popular, wanting to choose and buy it, it is worth exploring this issue in detail, learning about all the most important criteria.

Criteria for selection of anal plugs. What you need to know? Valuable tips

Of course, first of all, you need to visit specialized and reputable stores for adults, which will differ in an impeccable reputation, as well as numerous positive reviews, which will lead to the purchase of high-quality, safe toys, and this is the most important thing to consider. Be sure to read the reviews that will help you understand whether to use the services of this store or not.

If you are a beginner, you can choose a cone anal plug; its length can be up to twelve centimeters. Such a toy should have a reliable and convenient basis, since it is an equally important criterion and factor that should be strictly followed when buying.

In the event that more experienced users select a toy of this type for themselves, then it is advisable to choose such options that can enhance the feelings of partners, and doing so with classic sex. I would also like to add that not only women can use the anal plug, but also men and this is true. Moreover, the man uses the cork as a toy and as a medical massager, thereby massaging the prostate, preventing many diseases, increasing potency.

Beginners who want to try anal sex should first take advantage of certain types of sex toys that will prepare the anus for a phallus or penis. Those who wish to buy anal toys should follow certain types of advice.

It is worth saying that some users try to have beautiful toys for sex games that would stimulate the sexual activity of a partner. One of these toys is butt plug which can be made from materials such as silicone, glass, cyber leather, metal, and others.

To raise the sexual tone in a relationship, some partners acquire butt plugs with various types of tails, which are popularly called piquant things. Others acquire toys decorated with various types of rhinestones and stones. When using such types of products for the first time, it is worth choosing a small cork size, which will be no more than 1 cm in diameter. Most of the toys should be at the beginning without curvature, so that the client does not cause certain types of damage to the anus. It is also necessary to use certain types of lubricants and lubricants together with such types of products as butt plug. Before using, you need to know what types of lubricants are used for various types of traffic jams, so you should get advice on the shop portal from professionals who sell these types of products.

  • Before you acquire a particular model, it is necessary to study its characteristics in detail. Customers can buy quality butt plugs on the Sex-shop hypermarket portal. It is here that the best types of products in this area are presented. Before buying, it is necessary to clarify how tight the cork is, as more rigid materials are perfect for permanent use.
  • If the client is going to carry the toy with him all day, then in this case it is better to use products that bend beautifully.

As experts advise, when using this type of toy, you definitely need to relax so as not to get pain and discomfort, so those who use butt plugs should inform their partner about their feelings so as not to harm the body. Also, users of anal plugs must constantly care for them and keep them completely clean.

What are the Best Things to Do When Using Anal Beads

Great audits and appraisals on the web can be found in numerous spots, so you should investigate the showed and delineated rundown beneath. Here you will have ensured joy in the wake of purchasing anal globules vibration. In addition to highlights, for example, quality and dependability, high manufacturing gauges, shape and shading, instinctive convenience is one of the exceptional highlights of anal globules vibration. By tapping on a variation of Anal Vibration you will in any case discover information on conveyance conditions and accessibility. Sexologists would like to help you a little in the decision making procedure of anal globules vibration. If you don’t mind take note of that we have not looked at the items ourselves, but rather this is an item posting that enables you to analyze the items.


Anal globules vibration anchored and simple to purchase

Solid and quick delivering of anal globules Vibration is one of the key focuses in your buy. All things considered, as indicated by your exploration, you have at last chosen to utilize analgesic vibration from a particular maker; lastly, analgesic vibration ought to touch base without harm and a little while later. That is the reason we suggest safe shopping by means of Amazon. The world-popular shopping entryway offers a tremendous scope of items specifically from the producer and in addition from merchants.

In specific cases and in the wake of perusing the description deliberately you can purchase the coveted anal dots vibration additionally utilized in a decent condition. This is particularly fascinating in case you need to purchase a lower spending plan yet at the same time the astounding article anal dabs vibration. The upside of such an offer is, to the point that the indications of wear from the vender at Amazon are exceptionally precise. Awful astonishments are nearly prohibited. Purchase anal dots vibration securely and conveniently in the quality you expect at the best value that accommodates your financial plan! With the DIY anal beads this is a very important matter

Further points of interest in the buy of anal globules Vibration

  • The online retailer Amazon offers secure installment techniques. These incorporate bank exchanges, charge card installments, COD installments or the utilization of different online installment frameworks, the installment of which can be anchored by options, for example, purchaser protection.
  • In any case, not just that. Amazon gives a 14-day appropriate to trade for conveyed products, for example, the anal globules Vibration. Once in a while even a 30-day trade right is conceivable. Regardless of whether you are not 100% sure that anal globules vibration was the correct decision, don’t go for broke when getting it.
  • In addition, frequently surveys different clients to items and items. See whether Anal Vibration has likewise gotten criticism from clients. Such evaluations make it less demanding to choose whether or not to purchase precisely this variation of anal dabs vibration, since they demonstrate the points of interest and detriments of the item itself, yet additionally frequently the drum around, for example, adherence to conveyance times, and condition of the thing after receipt, and so forth
  • Not to overlook that additionally recommends different choices in the item perspective of anal dabs vibration, so the selection options can be expanded once more. Specialty items are dealt with indistinguishable path from best venders or most wanted items.

Anal beds Vibration was added to our selection list since it meets certain criteria as far as quality, solace and plan. Anal globules Vibration can be bought at the online retailer specifically or in a roundabout way through merchants. The installment strategies are secure and a privilege of withdrawal limits chance when purchasing.

Instructions to utilize anal pearls

Anal dabs are a progression of hard plastic or delicate elastic dots that are either connected to one another by a string or shaped as one piece. Here and there the dabs are distinctive in size, begin little and get greater as you go up. In some cases they are all a similar size.

Like most sex toys, anal globules don’t accompany instructions. Since they are proposed for anal use, for a few people they may accompany a larger number of questions and concerns than sex toys expected for outside or vaginal utilize. Learning is control, so before you grab these dots, read on.

A portion of the anal dabs consist of an options of the hard plastic balls hitched on a nylon rope. These pearls are of the most reduced quality and are not suggested. The string is hard to clean perfect (which implies you should dependably put a condom over the globules, which may change the vibe of the dabs).

Grease required

Apply a liberal measure of grease to the dabs (make certain to apply every one of the dabs, not simply the ones on the best). With your fingers, you can likewise apply some ointment outwardly and specifically into the rear end.

Thicker lubricants are less demanding to use with anal dots as they don’t slip off the toy quickly. You will presumably need to recharge the oil sooner or later.

Check the item

Before you utilize your anal dabs out of the blue, expel them from the bundling, wash them well and after that check them precisely. Focus on creases, splits or sharp edges. In case your anal dabs are made of plastic, you can utilize an Emory board to record every one of the join to make them smooth. In case you’re anal dabs are made of a non-permeable material, search for missing gaps or missing parts from the material. In case there are any oversights, restore your anal dots previously utilizing them.

Begin on your own

Regardless of whether you need your partner to take the anal dabs with you, it’s a smart thought to attempt them yourself the first run through.

You will feel less hesitant and/or can truly center on what it feels like for you without being occupied by a partner (for better or in negative ways). Ensure you have a brief period and enough protection before you get the opportunity to work.

Apply first

Prior to attempting to utilize your anal globules out of the blue, you ought to do whatever you typically would. In case you feel unbalanced or occupied, it can make it harder to infiltrate, being so loose and fomented can make your first time run easily with anal globules.

How they function

The insertion of anal dabs does not make exceptional joy, and when you convey them inside, you normally don’t feel better or awful. The essential necessity behind anal pearls is that as you haul them out, you will feel various pleasing sensations.

It tends to be well-thoroughly considered as being like another muscle rubbed, despite the fact that these are muscles that are not kneaded frequently. Much the same as a normal back rub, a few people will truly appreciate that inclination and others won’t care for it by any stretch of the imagination.

Begin gradually

Once you feel loose and prepared to utilize the dots, and you have a lot of grease on the globules, gradually begin embeddings them one at any given moment. Notice how that feels, and in case you encounter agony or uneasiness, back off, include more grease, or stop. Once every one of the dots is set up, you can do different things and invigorate yourself in different ways. When you’re done, gradually haul out the dabs. You might need to do this quicker or slower, yet the first run through, go gradually and wonderfully. Notice the inclination as each pearl keeps running over the sphincters.

Things to know before you buy your vibrator

You want to know what the best vibrators are for you. Vibrators are designed for and by women, for the moments when there is no man around. If there is a man in the neighborhood, the vibrator may stay in the bedside table. That is how you can think. I’m going to show you now that there’s another way to watch vibrators, dildos and other sex toys in a way that you can take advantage of it.

Not every woman likes vibrators, just as not every woman loves coffee. But many women do. The reason for many women is the vibratory function, which can cause an enormously intense clitoral pressure.

Benefits of a vibrator in bed

To begin with: sometimes it’s just easy. Certain women are insatiable, it seems. Or you are devastated by work, too much sex or for whatever reason. You have just had sex and you have already come. Your girlfriend or sexual partner has not yet reached its peak and is staring at your sip with a hopeful look or something will happen. You give her a broad smile and reach for the bedside table. Time for vibrator fun!

The vibrator is now also your best friend. Of course you want the vibrator to be clean, from previous times. The most important thing is that you show that you are completely comfortable with the use of your vibrator. If the vibrator is in your bedside table then you also immediately show that you are comfortable with it: you do not see the sex toys as competitors because for a guy like you there is no competition! That is the attitude you want to radiate.

This way you spoil her with a vibrator


The most important tip is not to see the vibrator as a drill. Think of it as a precision instrument. You are not a construction worker, but an artist, who wants to use his brush with exactly the right pressure and in the right places. Do not switch on the pleasure toy immediately, but move it slowly between her labia so that she can get used to the temperature first.

See the vibrator as an addition rather than replacement of the foreplay. You still want to finger her, touching and so on to take her step by step. Pay attention to the vibrator when you take it out of her pussy or it is really good wet. Only when that is the case you want to turn on the vibrator. Most vibrators have different positions and you want to start with a low setting. See how she responds to the stimulation.

This is how an elite lover goes about with a vibrator

Is she hornier than the vibrator to take as much area of ??her vagina as possible? Extend it to her outer labia, her clitoris and the inner walls of her vagina. Remember that it only adds to the total experience when you enjoy it in as many ways as possible. By occasionally licking and massaging her she will be able to sink deeper and deeper into the pleasure.

If that happens, enter the tempo and try different positions. Test different movements: pivoting, pumping, and discover which spots are the most sensitive. If you find yourself finding a sweet spot and she slowly climbs to her peak, make sure that there is less and less variation some variation is still greatly appreciated in the process and increasingly for constant movements.

Thankful look

Never be too heavy-handed or too rough. Use policy, as a true love artist, to guide her to its peak. You can imagine how she will see you when you can assist her in her most intimate games. Do not make the mistake of thinking that you can read her thoughts. Occasionally ask a question about the tempo, pressure and place where you use the vibrator.

Exchange horny porn with sweet talk and you push her in no time over the edge to an orgasm that promotes you to the premier league of the elite lovers. Behold her shocking body and the grateful look in her eyes. That is your work, the artwork of an elite lover and an artist.

Using a vibrator for the first time is exciting.

If you do not know what you are doing, it can even be unpleasant. Fortunately, it is easier than you think to get yourself ready with a vibrator, if you know what the right technique is.In this article you get a ready-made manual to pamper yourself with your new vibrator.

Not many women take the lead in taking back control of their own orgasm. You are so tough to find out how you can spoil yourself, because you are a strong and independent woman. So you already have that in the pocket.


If this is your first time with a vibrator, there are a number of things you need to know. It is not that the world perishes if you do it wrong. But it is much better if you know exactly how to play all sensitive parts of your body in the right way. There are some secret tips, which help you to find the right vibrator and get even more out of it.

If you have never used one before, you can become overwhelmed if you look at all the different models. There are thousands, so how do you make the right choice?

If you are using one for the first time, experts advise you to choose a simple vibrator in a not too large version. No bends, ridges, external clitoral stimulation or other frills.

95% of the techniques experts give you below are fine to do with such a cheap copy. You do not need the exotic options for a long time yet.And it is better that you first learn to use a vibrator by discovering what you like, than spending 100 dollars on a luxury model with all kinds of bells and whistles.

What can you do to get in the mood?

Here are some suggestions, choose what is applicable:

Make sure you are not disturbed. Wait until your roommates are gone, or lock your room door and close the curtains.

Make your bedroom sexy. Dim the lights put on an exciting tune and pull on an outfit where you feel attractive but being naked is also allowed. Watch porn. Here you will find my favorite porn movies for women and couples. Drink a nice glass of wine. Alcohol makes sure you can relax. Note: keep it with one. Take a warm bath and a face mask beforehand.

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