Things to know before you buy your vibrator

You want to know what the best vibrators are for you. Vibrators are designed for and by women, for the moments when there is no man around. If there is a man in the neighborhood, the vibrator may stay in the bedside table. That is how you can think. I’m going to show you now that there’s another way to watch vibrators, dildos and other sex toys in a way that you can take advantage of it.

Not every woman likes vibrators, just as not every woman loves coffee. But many women do. The reason for many women is the vibratory function, which can cause an enormously intense clitoral pressure.

Benefits of a vibrator in bed

To begin with: sometimes it’s just easy. Certain women are insatiable, it seems. Or you are devastated by work, too much sex or for whatever reason. You have just had sex and you have already come. Your girlfriend or sexual partner has not yet reached its peak and is staring at your sip with a hopeful look or something will happen. You give her a broad smile and reach for the bedside table. Time for vibrator fun!

The vibrator is now also your best friend. Of course you want the vibrator to be clean, from previous times. The most important thing is that you show that you are completely comfortable with the use of your vibrator. If the vibrator is in your bedside table then you also immediately show that you are comfortable with it: you do not see the sex toys as competitors because for a guy like you there is no competition! That is the attitude you want to radiate.

This way you spoil her with a vibrator


The most important tip is not to see the vibrator as a drill. Think of it as a precision instrument. You are not a construction worker, but an artist, who wants to use his brush with exactly the right pressure and in the right places. Do not switch on the pleasure toy immediately, but move it slowly between her labia so that she can get used to the temperature first.

See the vibrator as an addition rather than replacement of the foreplay. You still want to finger her, touching and so on to take her step by step. Pay attention to the vibrator when you take it out of her pussy or it is really good wet. Only when that is the case you want to turn on the vibrator. Most vibrators have different positions and you want to start with a low setting. See how she responds to the stimulation.

This is how an elite lover goes about with a vibrator

Is she hornier than the vibrator to take as much area of ??her vagina as possible? Extend it to her outer labia, her clitoris and the inner walls of her vagina. Remember that it only adds to the total experience when you enjoy it in as many ways as possible. By occasionally licking and massaging her she will be able to sink deeper and deeper into the pleasure.

If that happens, enter the tempo and try different positions. Test different movements: pivoting, pumping, and discover which spots are the most sensitive. If you find yourself finding a sweet spot and she slowly climbs to her peak, make sure that there is less and less variation some variation is still greatly appreciated in the process and increasingly for constant movements.

Thankful look

Never be too heavy-handed or too rough. Use policy, as a true love artist, to guide her to its peak. You can imagine how she will see you when you can assist her in her most intimate games. Do not make the mistake of thinking that you can read her thoughts. Occasionally ask a question about the tempo, pressure and place where you use the vibrator.

Exchange horny porn with sweet talk and you push her in no time over the edge to an orgasm that promotes you to the premier league of the elite lovers. Behold her shocking body and the grateful look in her eyes. That is your work, the artwork of an elite lover and an artist.

Using a vibrator for the first time is exciting.

If you do not know what you are doing, it can even be unpleasant. Fortunately, it is easier than you think to get yourself ready with a vibrator, if you know what the right technique is.In this article you get a ready-made manual to pamper yourself with your new vibrator.

Not many women take the lead in taking back control of their own orgasm. You are so tough to find out how you can spoil yourself, because you are a strong and independent woman. So you already have that in the pocket.


If this is your first time with a vibrator, there are a number of things you need to know. It is not that the world perishes if you do it wrong. But it is much better if you know exactly how to play all sensitive parts of your body in the right way. There are some secret tips, which help you to find the right vibrator and get even more out of it.

If you have never used one before, you can become overwhelmed if you look at all the different models. There are thousands, so how do you make the right choice?

If you are using one for the first time, experts advise you to choose a simple vibrator in a not too large version. No bends, ridges, external clitoral stimulation or other frills.

95% of the techniques experts give you below are fine to do with such a cheap copy. You do not need the exotic options for a long time yet.And it is better that you first learn to use a vibrator by discovering what you like, than spending 100 dollars on a luxury model with all kinds of bells and whistles.

What can you do to get in the mood?

Here are some suggestions, choose what is applicable:

Make sure you are not disturbed. Wait until your roommates are gone, or lock your room door and close the curtains.

Make your bedroom sexy. Dim the lights put on an exciting tune and pull on an outfit where you feel attractive but being naked is also allowed. Watch porn. Here you will find my favorite porn movies for women and couples. Drink a nice glass of wine. Alcohol makes sure you can relax. Note: keep it with one. Take a warm bath and a face mask beforehand.

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