4 Things You Didn’t Know About the Prostate

Let’s start with some generalities, to understand why prostatic massage can significantly enrich the orgasmic experience. The prostate is an exclusively male sexual organ, at least in its functions. Women also have a kind of prostate – the famous female G-spot – but whose functions are much less clearly established than in men. Let’s find out how to drain your prostate.

During the sexual act, the male prostate has four functions:

  • During the erection, it controls the bladder by blocking the urethra upstream (so that you do not want to urinate unexpectedly at this time);
  • It collects and stores mature spermatozoa that go back from the epidemics’ (pocket on each testicle) throughout the sexual arousal phase;
  • It stimulates the seminal vesicles that produce the seminal fluid – necessary for spermatozoa to move – and secretes “spermine” (or prostatic fluid). These three constituents (spermatozoa, seminal fluid and spermine) mix in the prostate and form the sperm;
  • It expels sperm into the urethra by contracting powerfully and repeatedly during orgasm, under the effect of the muscles of the perineum and lower abdomen: it is ejaculation.

All sex meridians join the prostate.

Beyond these physical functions, the prostate is the rallying point of all male sensual meridians, after they have gathered at the level of the sacrum. This explains the intense heat developed in this area during the whole phase of eroticization and excitement. It is for this reason that the prostate is often referred to as the “G-spot” of humans. This is also why her massage gives the sexual experience a deeper and more intense dimension, contributing to considerably improve the quality and beauty of orgasms.

It also focuses negative feelings during life

However, as a terminal sensual organ, the prostate also concentrates the negative sensual feelings we may have in our daily lives; those from stress, but also from unhealthy diet, cold, pollution, benign or serious diseases. In doing so, it contracts and hardens gradually over the course of life, which explains why we have more than difficulties at the age of forty, fifty or sixty to obtain ejaculations as strong and powerful as at the age of eighteen or twenty. The prostate can also be directly affected by conditions, which can be infectious or not: it is prostatitis.

If you suffer from one or more of the following symptoms, this may reveal prostatitis and require consultation with a doctor:

  • Pain in the rectum (often described as “a golf ball” in the rectum)
  • Supra-pubic pains (above the pubic bone)
  • Perinea pain (between the scrotum and the anus)
  • Pain in the penis
  • Pain around the coccyx
  • Pain in the lower back (one side or both)
  • Pain in the groin
  • Dysuria (pain in urination)
  • Frequent urination at night
  • High-frequency urination (more than once every two hours)
  • Emergency urination
  • Urine jet of reduced power
  • Incomplete urination sensation
  • Hesitation before or during urination (having to “push” as described above)
  • Pain or discomfort during or after ejaculation
  • Reduced libido (reduced interest in sex) due to fear of pain or discomfort.

In this case, the massage of the prostate is not recommended, unless it is practiced for a therapeutic purpose and exclusively by a confirmed urologist.

Prostate massage has been known for thousands of years

Tao masters recommended prostate massage to improve longevity and tone throughout the body’s aging cycle, which begins around the age of twenty. We will not have heard this claim during the Tantra-Tao gay massage. On the other hand, the massage of the prostate will allow its relaxation and its direct sensual stimulation. Thus, to the intense erotic energy that we have accumulated during the massage is added this stimulation of the most delicious, which will intensify very significantly the orgasm. This is the main reason why many men particularly like being penetrated during sexual intercourse which in no way determines homosexuality itself: The erect penis is indeed the best instrument available. To massage the prostate as long as you know how to do it.

The prostate is accessible only by anal penetration.

The prostate is located behind the base of the penis, above the perineum. At the front, it is protected by the pubic bone which covers it completely. His massage is done through the inside of the anus. If you are not used to anal introduction, this moment can be tricky; you can reflexively contract your anus and the entire anal bulb, while this sequence requires being more enjoyable total relaxation. A gentle and delicate preparation phase is therefore necessary for you to be perfectly comfortable. The breath and the caresses (of the fingers and why not of the language) are thus prerequisites perfectly adapted.

Of course, the massage of the prostate requires that the anal cavity is perfectly empty and clean, otherwise this sequence is bothersome and uncomfortable for me as for you!

Ideal sensual position for a prostate massage

The most suitable position for this massage is to get on all fours, buttocks bulging, knees bent, legs slightly apart, arms and bust resting flat on the bed. Thus, the anal area relaxes completely and the body undergoes no fatigue.

The prostate massage can also be practiced lying on the back, spreading and folding the legs, a pillow or a cousin under the buttocks. This position however requires that the masseur has more technicalities not to say fingering.

How I practice prostate massage

I begin with a sequence of gentle breath all along the anal line, gradually spreading your buttocks through caresses and kneading movements. These gestures will gradually relax completely the anal area that will open on its own. It is important to be totally relaxed and it will make sure that you are so before starting this massage.

When you feel that the anal area is well relaxed, then put the tip of your forefinger, previously coated with lubricating gel, at the edge of your anus. Gradually, it will enter alone, without any forcing.


The principle of prostate massage is not rubbing back and forth, but gently pressing the thin wall of skin between your rectum and your prostate by making small movements from the center of the prostate to its right and left ends. This is the opposite of therapeutic massage, which consists of pressing more strongly and starting from the ends to go towards the center, in order to drain and empty the prostate secretions. Visit https://loveplugs.co/ for more knowledge about prostate massage.