Best Metal and Steel Butt Plugs for Beginners in 2018

Nine out of ten women may experience climax through anal intercourse along with clitoral stimulation. Most women, however, want to try the anal stimulation and test their own limits before taking the step to anal sex with the partner. For the sexually exciting form of anal stimulation, anal plugs are ideal. For this reason, women with an anal plug can gain their first anal experience. Also for the prelude to the final sexual act, the sex toy is excellent. Because after the anus is slightly widened, the male penis can easily penetrate the woman. Nothing stands in the way of sexual pleasure.

In addition, the anal plug can also be used in men. After all, there are a number of nerve endings on the anus that are just waiting to be stimulated. Who wants to try for the time together and new sexual experience anal plug, should make sure that the product meets the highest standards because with the best plugs unique sexual experiences are not far away.

An anal plug is a sex toy that is a type of small dildo that is introduced anal. The special shape of this sex toy ensures that the anal plug, also called anal plug or butt plug, can remain in the anus during sexual intercourse or foreplay, thus ensuring a continuous sexual stimulation. On the sex toy market, there is a sheer vast array of anal plugs, some of them conventional, some with additional features like a built-in vibrator. For this reason, the following product test should ensure that you find the right butt plug, which henceforth ensures exuberant fun in the bedroom.

What are anal plugs?

Anal plugs are sex toys that are a kind of little dildo. These are suitable for anal stimulation and satisfaction. Depending on individual needs and experience, there are the toys in different sizes. Interested people should make sure that they get a high-quality plug that meets their own needs.

Which test scales have we used in our big anal plug test 2018?

When testing the metal and steel butt plugs, there were several criteria on which the final test result is based. In test, the wearing comfort of the anal plugs played a big role. After all, the success of sexual stimulation stands and falls with the comfort of wearing. In addition, criteria such as cleaning, the material or the design were decisive points for the final ranking in the ranking. Additional points have been awarded in the case of anal plug sets, which include, for example, a storage box or the like, in order to stow the anal plug hygienically and comfortably after use.

Wearing comfort: The wearing comfort is the alpha and omega of an anal plug because this remains stuck for a long time in the aftermath of a person. Sexual desire can only arise if it feels comfortable. For this reason, the wearing comfort of an anal stopper was the crucial aspect in the evaluation of the various sex toys.

Material: Anal plugs are inserted into a body opening, more specifically in the anus. For this reason, it is important that the material of an anal plug is natural and of high quality. Therefore, anal plugs made of medical grade silicone or similar materials are rated better than other artificial and unhealthy anal plugs. The environmental compatibility of the material also played a role in the test.

Design: For the majority of users, the design of a sex toy certainly does not play the decisive role. Nonetheless, the design was also included in the evaluation because an appealing and high-quality design is a nice extra no more, but not less.

Cleaning: After use, the butt plug should be thoroughly cleaned. When cleaning is fast, thorough and easy, the sex toy is rated better than other products. Another point is the result of the cleaning. Odors and other abnormalities should not be left behind.

Extras: Certain extras such as a storage box or a stand can positively influence the rating. For this reason, our product results also included such product extras.

Expert Recommendations: The Deluxe Silicone Butt Plug Set convinces all over and is the winner of our anal plug test because the set offers various anal plug sizes, all of which were made in impressive quality. The 100% medical silicone is free of harmful substances, so that the sex toys can be introduced without hesitation. Certain extras such as a storage bag, lubricant and the ergonomic base round off the offer more than successful.

The different anal plugs

The Deluxe Silicone Butt Plug Set consists of three different plugs in different sizes. The smallest plug is aimed at beginners and has a total length of eight centimeters. The diameter ranges from 15-28 mm and the weight is 40 grams. The amateur plug is aimed at advanced users and has a total length of 12 centimeters. The diameter of this anal plug is 20-40 mm and the sex toy weighs 100 grams. The biggest variant is the professional anal plug in this set. This is 14 cm long and has a diameter of 24-45 mm and a weight of 154 grams. Love plugs provides a collection of anal plugs.

The advantages – material, handling, cleaning and much more

The anal plugs are all made of high quality material – 100% medical silicone. This innovative silicone is soft and free from all harmful substances. In addition, the manufacturers have paid attention to an innovative design, so that the butt plug easily and without problems in the anus can be introduced. There, the anal plug sits securely and firmly and ensures sexual arousal. Also, the ergonomic base of the butt plug does not interfere with insertion and carrying.

In addition, the cleaning is easily possible with the Deluxe Silicone Butt Plug Set. There is also a lubricant in the large set and a luxury velvet storage bag. These extras are included. In the bag, the anal plugs can be stowed when not in use.

Already for 25.99 dollars there is the butt plug set including three anal plugs in different sizes, a pack of lubricant and the luxurious storage bag. After that, nothing stands in the way of the maximum fun that the manufacturer advertises because the black plugs in three sizes have a high wearing comfort and stand for sexual excitement.

The applications of the butt plug

Due to the three different sizes, there is the right plug for every user, man or woman. To find out which butt plug provides optimal sexual stimulation, users should start with the smallest. Then it is possible to increase the use of the anal plugs in terms of size, so that high fun is certain. The anatomical shape of the medical silicone adapts perfectly to the anus. Thus, the plug stuck after the introduction in the anal. The plugs are also particularly suitable for when the anus during vaginal intercourse is also stimulated over a long period of time.