Butt Plugs for Her

hello there it’s Peter here from peaches
and screams not code are you J and in
this video we’re gonna talk about why do
people use a bootprints
but we’ll also discover exactly what a
bottle is so let’s start there because
apparently it’s a common question so
first of all what is a book plug the
chances are you have seen a book club
before when browsing a sex shop unlike a
vibrator or a dildo which are typically
thrusted or moved internally the purpose
of a book –look is to make you feel
full a book –look stays in place and
allows you to go about your other
activities or have sex a lot of people
find it thrilling and satisfying to have
a book plug inside them whilst at work
or going about their daily routine yes
many men and women like to wear book
plugs under their clothes during their
everyday routines with no one else
and either wiser in some Power Exchange
relationships one partner may require
another partner to wear a book club for
a day whilst at work for example it’s
important to know though that a book
plug that you wear for extended periods
of time during your daily routine may
differ from butt plugs that you use for
shorter periods of time it’s advisable
to try a book plug out within the
comfort of your own home before making
the maiden voyage further afield make
sure that the book plug does not cause
any pain or complications and that
you’re perfectly at ease with using it
both physically and psychologically
going into an important meeting with a
butt plug inserted may not be the most
sensible idea now you can recognize a
book club by its tape and head that
widens out into a bowl shape in most
instances and then tapers once or more
until reaching a wide base the tapered
design helps you to put a booklet inside
of you and the thin neck prevents the
book –look from slipping inside you but
booklets with flared handles or bases
are considered to be
safe and inserting a booklet without
these features into your body is
dangerous and should be avoided at all
costs butt plugs come in many different
designs for example you may find that
some book plugs are squared whilst
others are more rounded the base may be
rectangular circular or even a loop some
butt plugs can add more sensation
through more bulges around the neck area
these bulges are responsible for the
increased sensation when you insert or
remove a book look so let’s talk about
stimulation a butt plug is used by both
men and women alike males and joy book
clubs because they help to stimulate
their prostrate when inserts adapter
that’s a particular animal women enjoy
the feeling of a double penetration with
their partner’s penis inside their
vagina and a butt plug inside their anus
butt plugs provide a great platform for
preparing for anal sex it helps to
expand and open up muscles ahead of anal
sex it can also improve your vaginal sex
because a booklet helps to build up a
vagina wall which can provide better
stimulation when he thrusts inside you
there are also vibrating booklets that
help you to increase the pleasures for
both you and your partner so there you
have it the book look what it is and why
you might want to use one now don’t
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