How to Properly Clean and Store Your Butt Plugs

Anal plug (born. Butt plug), also known as butt plug, is a specific form of sex toy that is inserted into the anus. In their design, they look like a cone on the leg, i.e. wide at the base, and narrow at the end. The main objective of such a toy is to stimulate nerve endings that are deep in the anus.


Using the anal plug is an excellent prelude before anal sex, and you can also enjoy it during masturbation. With the help of her, both men and women will be able to experience the pleasure of having sex, like an explosion of dynamite. In addition to all this, men can use them to massage the prostate.

How to use the anal plug

Remember the golden rule in anal sex – the use of a lubricant. Additional lubricant will create a better slip, which will facilitate the introduction of the plug into the anus. So can you boil a silicone butt plug? The answers are there now.

Choose a comfortable position for yourself:

  • Standing on all fours (Doggy Style)
  • Posture, lying on his back, legs apart and a small pillow under his back
  • Pose, squatting

In order to comply with basic hygiene standards, you should always put a condom on the cork before inserting it into the anus. And before each use, you must ensure that the sex toys are clean.

It must be introduced slowly, trying to use the minimum force. If the first time does not work, then you need to relax or do some breathing exercises and try to introduce the plug again.

When it is inserted a few centimeters inwards, relax the muscles (sphincter) and let it slip out of the anus itself. Repeat this several times, constantly inserting the cork deeper and deeper so that the body is accustomed to a foreign body.

Quite popular are becoming vibrating butt plugs, the vibration of which can be adjusted using the remote. This plug must be inserted slowly and with a slight vibration.

Also, in addition to anal vibrio plugs, there are also inflatable plugs made of elastic latex, which are gradually becoming popular among connoisseurs of experiments in sex. They must first be introduced into the anus in an unsettled state (these plugs are 3-4 cm in diameter), and then inflated with a hand pump (the diameter can double in the inflated state).

How to choose a butt plug

With regard to the choice of sex toys, then there may be some problems if a person is new to this area, since their range is huge. But in any case, there are three most important points that you need to pay attention to when buying:

  • The size
  • The form
  • Material

Their sizes are very different, for example, they can be from 2-5 cm in diameter. Beginners are advised not to experiment with the size – for the first time it is advisable to choose a plug, the diameter of which is similar to the thickness of one to two fingers.

The choice of form depends on the purpose of its use, for example, if a man wants to massage the prostate with it, then it will be necessary to choose a special curved plug for this.

Mostly, sex toys are made from silicone, rubber, metal, or even wood. As a rule, each material has both advantages and disadvantages. Despite the variety of sex toys, anal plugs made of soft material are more popular than solid ones, since the risk of injury is reduced to a minimum.

Butt plug: reviews, types, features of use and effectiveness

The range of sex toys usually causes awkwardness and is practically not discussed. Potential buyers have to rely on advertising and fragmentary information. However, even such a delicate sphere of human life as sex requires awareness. This allows you to avoid unnecessary risk and reveal your sensual potential. One of the most popular toys of a sexual nature is butt plug. User feedback on this particular subject is different, but mostly benevolent. Let us consider the question in more detail, because even in a very delicate area of ??life, truthful and objective information is needed.

Modern shops for adults are distinguished by the fact that they are ready to offer all those who seek to diversify their sex life, those toys that will definitely do this by realizing their wishes and ideas. For example, such a toy, as anal plugs, is very popular, wanting to choose and buy it, it is worth exploring this issue in detail, learning about all the most important criteria.

Criteria for selection of anal plugs. What you need to know? Valuable tips

Of course, first of all, you need to visit specialized and reputable stores for adults, which will differ in an impeccable reputation, as well as numerous positive reviews, which will lead to the purchase of high-quality, safe toys, and this is the most important thing to consider. Be sure to read the reviews that will help you understand whether to use the services of this store or not.

If you are a beginner, you can choose a cone anal plug; its length can be up to twelve centimeters. Such a toy should have a reliable and convenient basis, since it is an equally important criterion and factor that should be strictly followed when buying.

In the event that more experienced users select a toy of this type for themselves, then it is advisable to choose such options that can enhance the feelings of partners, and doing so with classic sex. I would also like to add that not only women can use the anal plug, but also men and this is true. Moreover, the man uses the cork as a toy and as a medical massager, thereby massaging the prostate, preventing many diseases, increasing potency.

Beginners who want to try anal sex should first take advantage of certain types of sex toys that will prepare the anus for a phallus or penis. Those who wish to buy anal toys should follow certain types of advice.

It is worth saying that some users try to have beautiful toys for sex games that would stimulate the sexual activity of a partner. One of these toys is butt plug which can be made from materials such as silicone, glass, cyber leather, metal, and others.

To raise the sexual tone in a relationship, some partners acquire butt plugs with various types of tails, which are popularly called piquant things. Online seller of tail plugs,, is one of the go to sex shop if you’re looking for popular tail plugs like animal tails and etc. Others acquire toys decorated with various types of rhinestones and stones. When using such types of products for the first time, it is worth choosing a small cork size, which will be no more than 1 cm in diameter. Most of the toys should be at the beginning without curvature, so that the client does not cause certain types of damage to the anus. It is also necessary to use certain types of lubricants and lubricants together with such types of products as butt plug. Before using, you need to know what types of lubricants are used for various types of traffic jams, so you should get advice on the shop portal from professionals who sell these types of products.

  • Before you acquire a particular model, it is necessary to study its characteristics in detail. Customers can buy quality butt plugs on the Sex-shop hypermarket portal. It is here that the best types of products in this area are presented. Before buying, it is necessary to clarify how tight the cork is, as more rigid materials are perfect for permanent use.
  • If the client is going to carry the toy with him all day, then in this case it is better to use products that bend beautifully.

As experts advise, when using this type of toy, you definitely need to relax so as not to get pain and discomfort, so those who use butt plugs should inform their partner about their feelings so as not to harm the body. Also, users of anal plugs must constantly care for them and keep them completely clean.