Tips on How to Enjoy Anal Sex with Your Partner

You want something fancy but don’t know how to introduce idea of anal play to your partner? Anal sex provides both women and men equally stimulating feelings and provides in most cases for even more intense orgasms. The region around the anus has many nerve endings, which can cause intense stimulation when touched. You do not know if you like it yet? Then find out.


The first time anal sex

Anyone can enjoy anal sex either as an active or passive partner, or both, regardless of sex. This applies to heterosexual as well as lesbian and gay couples. The most important thing in anal sex is to take your time. This is especially true when it is the first time. Talk to your partner beforehand about the topic and what your ideas look like. Is the anal sex for you both in question? Maybe one of you already has some experience? The entire is better! Speak in plain language and thus create all the uncertainties in the world.

In no case do you withhold your concerns and fears. A relaxed approach to the matter makes the anal sex at the end a lot more relaxed. There is hardly a sexual practice that is as charged as anal intercourse in the beginning it therefore makes sense to deal with the few myths that exist around the subject. The most common and untruths we have put together in the following and compared with the reality.

Myths about anal sex: We have to talk!

There are so many prejudices, rumors and half-truths about anal sex and you’ve probably heard one or the other “horror story” – from unpleasant odors to medical emergencies. We clean up with nonsensical myths about anal intercourse and explain how it really is.

  1. Anal sex hurts

Truth: Anal sex only hurts if you take it ruthlessly and unprepared. If you’re in the right mood, relaxed, with a finger or an anal toy carefully pretends and uses enough lubricant, it will not hurt, but good. Attention: Spit is not a lubricant!

  1. Anal sex is dirty

In the rectum, feces are only just before the stool. If you do not feel like you need to go to the bathroom, anal sex is hygienically safe. A shower before anal intercourse is advisable and who really wants to go safe, can make a colon cleansing with an anal shower. But it can always happen that despite cleaning feces during anal sex is here. If you notice that, take the time to cleanse yourself again or go on another sex practice this time. Important: Intestinal bacteria can cause vaginal infections. Please never switch from anal intercourse directly to vaginal intercourse!

  1. Condoms are not necessary

Truth: Contraceptive use is important! Although the risk of unwanted pregnancies during anal intercourse is much lower, the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease such as HIV is even greater due to the faster development of micro-cracks.

  1. The anus is crying out

Truth: The sphincter is a very strong muscle of our body. Although he gets used to regular anal intercourse more easily to the pressure, the strain and can relax faster, “leach” and his function he will not lose – except injuries. Incidentally, this also applies to the vagina.

  1. Anal sex is only for gays

One of the great advantages of having anal sex is that people of any gender and orientation can enjoy it, not just gays. Of hetero-men anal sex is still often associated with the fact that the man takes over the role of the woman who is otherwise penetrated anal or just the role of a gay man. As a result, men are also at risk of being labeled gay or feminine and no longer considered a “real man”. But gays were not born with special nerves designed for anal play.

Each man has the same nerve tracts on the anus and a prostate, which can be stimulated by anal penetration. There are many heterosexual men who have discovered the pleasure of anal stimulation, and there are many gay men who have tried it and decided that it is not for them. It’s a matter of taste and not a question of gender and sexual orientation that should keep someone from enjoying anal sex.

  1. Women do not like anal sex

Social norms and expectations are constantly changing and developing. Sexual stigma and what we perceive as an acceptable and healthy part of our intimacy are things that can fortunately be rewritten. The assumption is that women do not like anal sex and only do it because men like it from them and they want to fulfill this “fantasy”. What is problematic about this view? This sexual fabric sees men in the dominant role forcing women into activities in the bedroom. The idea that women do not enjoy anal sex discourages and denies them sexual ability to act as well as sexual desires such as anal sex. Of course, this can also be perceived by women as stimulating and sexy and has nothing to do with the above-mentioned submission.

Fortunately, the actual picture of what people do in their bedroom differs from this general narrative. It may not be talked about so openly in society, but anal sex is part of a common sex practice that both partners enjoy. No one has to feel compelled to do so. If you feel like it, do it – if not, then not. Anal sex may also be an alternative to vaginal sex, which may not be possible and unpleasant during the period or during a fungal infection. Whether she or he finds anal sex good, each person has to find out for themselves.

  1. There is an anal orgasms

There is no pure anal orgasm. But since the anus and sexual organs are close together, you can almost get a second hand orgasm by stimulating the sensitive nerve endings on the anus and the genitals at the same time. Many perceive this stimulation as an anal orgasm. Every human being has numerous nerve endings on the anus that can be stimulated by touch, which many people find tingling and, together with masturbation or vaginal penetration, intensifies orgasm. In addition, there are gender-specific features that influence an “anal orgasm”.

  1. Anal orgasm in men:

The prostate is the size of a chestnut and lies inside the anus on the intestinal wall behind the penis and testicles. It is a gland that secretes a secretion that mixes with the sperm during ejaculation to make it more flexible. The small bump can also trigger intense feelings in men. Five to seven inches in the anus can feel a round bead. With the fingertip you can massage them – with light pressure and circular movements. The best way to do this is the middle finger, as it can penetrate the deepest into the anus. If penis and glands are additionally stimulated, an “anal orgasm” is quite realistic. Feeling orgasm with anal penetration is often described by men as more intense and different. For more information about the prostate massage, you can visit this helpful site to learn more about it.

The anal orgasm in the woman:  women do not have a prostate, so this cannot be stimulated in anal sex. But you have the clitoris. This not only includes the externally visible clitoris, but also the internal tickle thigh and the vaginal opening, which have many nerve endings. There are also muscles in the anus associated with this area. Thus, stimulation can be transmitted to the whole region by anal stimulation, i.e. the clitoris is indirectly stimulated. If you indulge additionally clitoris or the vagina, the “anal orgasm” is even easier for them.