What is the real purpose of butt plugs with tails?

Butt plugs are very unique sex toys because they can be used by anyone regardless of sex, gender, and orientation. All you need is a prostate to stimulate it. It can be pleasurable to use a butt plug. After all, it can cause a lot of stimulation as there are sensitive nerve endings present even in the anal area. Moreover, butt plugs are the first step to explore new sexual territory for beginners. These are great for people who are into anal sex but want to take it a notch further and want to try new things on their bodies. But no matter what you like butt plugs there are different kinds of it available.

What to keep in mind while choosing a butt plug?

A butt plug should make you feel good, otherwise, there is no point in using it. It can make you feel good and loosen up your anus so that something can be put inside. But there are some things you should know before buying s butt plug:

  • Choose a flared base: This is a must or you can get that plug stuck in your anus. That won’t be a pleasant sensation for sure and you will most probably have a trip to the doctors as well. Along with this check if the toy is safe for your body. Sex toys don’t have any kind of federal body regulating what goes in to make it. So it’s up to you to choose carefully.
  • Start small: Don’t go for the big ones right away. You will have to make your butt hole really for that size slowly. Start by getting a butt plug that you are comfortable using. After that, slowly increase the size.

What you should keep in mind while getting butt plugs with tails?

Know that there are different kinds of butt plugs available and one of these is butt plugs with a tail. Once you put the plugin the body, all that can be seen protruding out is a swooshy or fluffy tail. No matter your reason for wearing a tail, you should keep in mind that:

  • Since it is something which is attached to a toy that goes in your butt so size matters here. If you are new to this then you should try out first and foremost with a little butt plug.
  • You need to have patience and take things slow because it will take sometime before you can wear your tail with ease.
  • If you have used anal toys, cocks and dildos then you should go for a size that isn’t intimidating to you.
  • Remember to use lube because you are going to need loads of it. The lube will help keep your tail in safely. Moreover, you need to be very careful while using the lube or you will get it on the trail as well. But remember that no matter what, more lube is always better for anal.

Types of butt plug Tails

This isn’t the whole list of all the different kinds of butt plugs available in the world but here are the kind of options you will get in regards to your tail:

  • Pony
  • Raccoon
  • Unicorn
  • Bunny
  • Wolf
  • Cat
  • Fox
  • Dog
  • Pig

Why pick butt plugs with tails?

Now, there is no one answer to this. After all, different people like different things and this varies more when it comes to kinks. So while choosing a butt plug with the tail you should focus on what you like and what makes you feel good and turns you right on. Along with this, you should also think about what you like and want to get out of this tail. Here are some things to consider:

  • If you want to explore a very specific kink then look for a tail that fits your description and wants. For example, if you are into pet play and are using pet titles like puppy, kitten, foxy or bunny then you can use a tail that corresponds to the name. But if you want to be a unicorn or pony then use furry and long tails. But if you want to be a bunny then a short tail will suffice. Of course, you don’t need to be into pet play to be into butt plugs with tails and vice versa.
  • If you want to feel the weight of the plug on your body then using butt plugs with tails is a great way to get that weight. More than that weight, when you want to feel something swishing behind you are you play or crawl then tails are great for that purpose as well. But if you want that swishing motion then don’t go for short tails, go for long and furry ones.
  • The tails also come in different colours. Apart from individual colours, you will be able to get butt plugs with tails in normal rainbow colours. So if you love colours and want to incorporate them into your kink then choosing a colourful but the plug will be a good idea.
  • If you simply want to enjoy anal play with a butt plug but with also want something slightly different than a plug with a tail is one thing which you can try out.

Things to keep in mind while buying plugs with tails

Everyone wants to pick out the perfect tail. While colour and other factors play very heavily into what you will like and not like, but there are other things which you should consider as well. This includes money and toxicity.

  • Look for deals and sales so that you get one which is cheap but perfect for you. It may take some searching if you want something really specific but rest assured it can be done and it can be found.
  • As for toxicity, your skin may feel allergic to some tails. So make sure you know what is in your tail and what it is made up of. If you are allergic to those substances then don’t use them.

Overall, whether you have a tail kink or simply want to see what it feels like to play with a swishing tail, butt plugs with tails can be a really fun thing that you can try. We have been fascinated by these tails available at lovegasm, and we think you would love them, too! We recommend giving them a visit!