Why some women love to do anal sex more than vaginal sex

Women Want to Avoid Pregnancy

How many women you know are afraid of becoming pregnant? Carrying a child for 9 months isn’t an easy task, and not everyone is ready to become a parent. Whatever the reason may be, many women avoid pregnancy.


Luckily, contraceptives exist. The most popular ones are condoms and birth control. Unfortunately, birth control comes with a plethora of side effects women have to worry about. Some of them are mild and make them moody, but others can be quite serious and dangerous. Not to mention that condoms can only be so effective because they can break without you realizing it.


So, what’s the next best thing? Anal sex! The reason why women love anal sex is simple — easy and carefree sex. There’s no risk of pregnancy or the stress that comes with it. That means your lady will relax easier and have a better time overall.

Women Want to Give Pleasure to Men

One of the more interesting facts about anal sex in women is that they aren’t always doing it for their pleasure. Sure, the anus is an erogenous zone for many women. Anal stimulation or penetration can feel good but won’t always result in an orgasm. That’s why women usually prefer anal in combination with other kinds of stimulation, like vaginal or clitoral.


So, why do they do it if it only feels good but doesn’t result in orgasm? To please their men! Men get a lot more pleasure from anal intercourse because the anus is much tighter than the vagina. This kind of stimulation can send them over the edge, and it’s an experience they’ll hardly forget. Besides, we all make sacrifices and compromises for our partners. So, if anal is something you’re interested in trying, be sure to mention it to your partner because we’re sure they’re already fantasizing about it.

Women Have Their Monthly Periods

Periods can be a real pain — literally. But that’s not the only thing because periods can make a woman really horny. There’s no worse time for excessive horniness than when you’re menstruating because everything is just so messy. Still, you have to rid yourself of the sexual frustrations, and everyone knows orgasms help alleviate cramps.


When you think about it, sex and masturbation aren’t much of an option unless you’re doing it in the shower. The whole process is just so messy. So, what’s the next best thing? Anal sex! In fact, anal stimulation is perfect for that time of the month because you get all the benefits of sex, but there’s no mess. Many men are fine with having period sex, but women should enjoy the experience, too. That’s why they’re more likely to lean towards anal sex when menstruating.

Women Have Anal Sex Fetish

Women can be really kinky, too. Some are just really good at hiding it. Most of the time, they’re trying to act all innocent until they turn into beasts in bed. With that in mind, it’s logical to assume that women have all kinds of fetishes. As humans, we’re all different. That means there are no limits on the fetishes women enjoy. 

One of those fetishes is definitely anal sex. We don’t blame them, though, because anal stimulation does feel amazing. This is especially the case when you try different kinds of stimulation and penetration, and women know that. That’s why they’re having so much fun with this sexy activity. The things you can do with your anus are almost limitless. There are so many toys to try, too! The most important thing is anal training, and then you’re safe to experiment.

Women Love to Explore Something New

On the other hand, the love of exploring isn’t always a fetish. Sex is a fun activity, but it can quickly become stale and boring. That’s what happens when you do too much of just one thing. For example, maybe you’ve been doing missionary for too long. The only logical thing to do in these situations is to try and enrich your sex life.


How do you do that? It’s pretty simple. The first thing you should explore is your body. You may think you know it well enough, but it’s never wrong to revisit it. This is when you find out what stimulations you enjoy or would want to try with a partner. Obviously, one of those things is any kind of anal play. Plus, anal is still a taboo in many cultures, countries, or communities, and that makes it even more exciting.

Our Safety Guide for Women

We have some instructions for you if you’re one of those women that want to try anal penetration or stimulation. We’ve mentioned that anal training is essential when getting started. You can freely experiment with external stimulations using toys, fingers, or your partner. 


When it comes to anal penetration, though, training is a must. This means you need to start with the smallest toy or finger and work your way up to bigger things. Plus, lubricant is your new best friend, and you need to use a lot of it. Our anuses don’t have a natural way of lubricating themselves as vaginas do.


On the other hand, training is a must because this is how you learn to relax and receive things of various sizes. Once you’re done with all the safety measures, you’re ready to dive deep into the exciting world of anal sex.