Why You Should Perform a Health Check Before Anal Sex

Anal chains are among the sex toys that promise unique emotional development. An anal chain consists of nothing but balls that are connected to each other. They are similar to the well-known Rin-no-tama, which are actually introduced vaginally and should strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. However, anal chains are longer than Rin-no-tama. It can surprise you that butt plugs and constipation is also interred related.

Depending on the model, the balls of an anal chain have the same size, or even larger balls. Anchor chains are designed so that the connected balls can be successively inserted into the anal anus. The tradition of love balls connected together in a chain has been known for several centuries.

What to consider when buying an anal chain

Anal chains can be made of different materials. It is particularly pleasant when silicone was used for the preparation.  is easy to clean and disinfect. It is therefore very important to pay attention to the hygienic possibilities when buying. If the balls of an anal chain are connected to a fabric band, it could be difficult to clean, as it may not be easy to wash any remains of stool out of them. Anal chain are offered in different lengths in the trade. One should therefore pay attention to the following quality features when buying an anal chain:

  • Pleasant material
  • Perfect workmanship, no sharp edges
  • Easy to clean and disinfect
  • The size of the balls should be appropriate

The tail of the anal chain should be designed so large that it cannot disappear by itself in the rectum. There are also fancy butt plugs like fox tails in your butt that’s designed for the fetish and bdsm role playing.

How and when are analgesics used?

Anal chains are equally used by lovers of both sexes. For many it means indescribable sexual stimulation when one pearl after another is inserted and pulled out anally. You should take your time with this type of sexual stimulation because, depending on the model and design, the sphincter muscle should slowly expand by the insertion of the balls. This experience is particularly noticeable in the analgesics, which consist of ever-larger balls. Anal chain can, if necessary, with a little slip cream, lubricant or oil, be made lubricious. This makes it easier to introduce anal and pain can be prevented. After use, the anal chain should be cleaned directly, so that any dirt cannot dry.

Which usage variants are there?

Anal chains can be used alone, but better still for two. Some people like it when only one ball of the anal chain is inserted into the anus, while others, when very slowly, pass one ball after another through the sphincter until the entire anal chain is inserted. Many users reach a sexual climax when it is then, very slowly, ball by ball, pulled out of the rectum again. The sensation of pulling out is particularly intense when performed during the sexual climax. An anal chain is ideally suited to prepare the love partner for anal intercourse variants.

This preparation and sphincter stretching can be done slowly and carefully. The use of an anal chain not only serves to stretch the sphincter, but also to relax. Anal sex is only possible with many lovers when body and mind are totally relaxed. Those who are cramped will also automatically contract the sphincter and the anal penetration may be uncomfortable, in some cases even impossible.

Different model variants

Anal chains are available through the specialist retailers in the field of sex toys. There are a variety of model variants available. Anal chain can differ in color and form very much. They are available in silver, black, and all kinds of other color options.

Anal chain can additionally be provided with a vibration mechanism. Fans of the anal beads, which are connected to a chain, are usually not content with a model variant, but create themselves over time a whole repertoire. When buying an anal chain, the appropriate cleaning agent should always be bought immediately. The balls of an anal chain can be shaped differently. Most are round, like small balls, others are elliptical or oval.

Available in 4 sizes is the anal plug, which features a rotating inner ball. The plugs are odorless and the outer shell is made of silky smooth silicone. The black plug is – depending on the size – ideal for anal beginners to professionals. Surprising and interesting is his inner life. A metal ball rotates and is also noticeable while wearing, as soon as you move. This provides interesting stimulation.

Due to the slim base, even the largest butt plug “sits” well and it can stay in the body for a longer time, without it interfering. The foot is slightly oval shaped. So he sits comfortably without disturbing. And do not worry; the foot is so big that the plug cannot completely disappear in the butt. Incidentally, the foot is designed as a squeegee, so you can “anchor” the plug on a smooth surface such as the bottom of the bathtub to play with it on the spot. Due to the side-mounted, small, super-soft handle, it can be easily removed from the ground again.

The base of the plug is flexible but not wobbly. As a result, the plug adapts to the body, yet can be easily inserted and easily removed. The plugs are flexible, odorless; they have no pores and feel pleasantly soft.

The medical silicone is hypoallergenic and easy to clean.

An anal chain is perfect for you if you do not have any experience with anal stimulation but would like to try it out. There are also anal chains for the seasoned, as there are many different sizes of ankle chains – both in the length and size of the balls – and different numbers of balls and different materials. Check out our guide: Choose the right anal chain if you are not sure which anal chain is right for you. If you already have experience with anal stimulation, it may be a good idea to try it out when you are alone, then you will not have pressure from your partner and you will be able to set your own pace.

So do it

Start by lubricating the anal chain with a good anal lubricant and around the anus as well. Use one hand to spread your buttocks and the other to insert the anal chain.


It is not certain that you can insert all the balls the first time, but it’s okay. The most important thing is that it feels comfortable to you. The more often you use the analgesic, the more you get in. If you want to push the chain out and in or just have it in while masturbating or having sex – when you’re with your partner – it’s all a matter of taste. You have to try out what you want, which is exciting for you.